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Planning a Wedding in Hampshire, UK?

Wedding day to remember in Hampshire, UK

A Wedding Day can be the best day of your life if everything goes right. Planning a wedding can be fun but can also be stressful for all concerned. Your wedding should be an enjoyable experience for all; the Bride and Groom, Mothers and Fathers of the happy couple, Best Man, Bridesmaids, family and friends alike, and it's all down to organization.

Whether it's "money no object" or you have a budget to stick to, you probably need at least some professional help, if only for fresh ideas and originality.

To plan your "wedding to remember" you can draw on a wealth of experience, not only from friends and family who have attended other peoples weddings, about what went well and what, if anything, did not really work, but also from the host of wedding planners and suppliers of bridal services here in Hampshire, UK.

There are so many things to organize when planning a wedding.

The church or venue for the civil ceremony have to be booked well in advance to ensure the date is convenient for all concerned, as does the hall or hotel for the reception. There are many perfect wedding venues in Hampshire, but the most popular get booked up well in advance. Consider each venue for convenience of the wedding party and as a backdrop for photographs of the day.

The numbers of people attending at each stage need to be taken into account to ensure adequate seating and accommodation. Draw up a guest list for each part; ceremony, reception and evening.

Children. Should you invite them? This is a personal choice and depends on your family circumstances. Well behaved children can be a joy at a family wedding, but one screaming baby or obnoxious little brat can upset everyone.

Is it to be a formal or civil wedding? What is the dress code? It may sound like fun to ask all the men to wear kilts for instance or travel to another country, but this may not suit everyone's taste, convenience or pocket ... unless you are footing the bill!

Choosing a best man and bridesmaids can be a nightmare if there are a number of candidates. Be diplomatic but remember whoever you choose will have to play a part in the proceedings and photographs. Imagine how they will look and perform before you make a decision.

The bride's dress is central to what everyone else wears and her outfit should show off her best features. The bridal car or other transport to and from the ceremony should be practical. You can't always take an open horse-drawn carriage easily through busy Hampshire roads ... especially if it's raining!

The size and decoration of the wedding cake should be in keeping with the general style and tradition of the occasion. If the design of the cake blatantly reflects the groom's obsession with a particular football club, this may not be considered hilarious by all of the guests!

Speeches by the best man, groom, father of the bride, etc., should be sincere, funny, entertaining, but above all well written and confidently delivered. Unless you are a natural, get some help from an experienced speech-writer. There are many online resources right here in Hampshire. Some of them free.

Whether you are planning a silver-service sit-down wedding breakfast or a finger buffet, catering is important. Go on personal recommendation if possible and get a very detailed description of the meals to be provided, how the will be presented and served, what drinks are provided and how special dietary needs are catered for.

Wedding music can include musicians and singers at the ceremony, incidental music at the reception and a DJ or band in the evening. Plan to suit the music and dancing tastes of your guests.

All in all, there is a lot to organize for a successful and memorable wedding. The date, venue, guest list, invitations, dress, flowers, reception, drinks, catering, speeches, cake, photography, music, transport, gifts, favours, accommodation ... the list is endless. Fortunately help is at hand. There are many different kinds of wedding services available right here in our own county of Hampshire, UK. Good luck with your own special day!

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